Who’s Your Mama? This Perfect Peachy-Pink Blush (theBalm Hot Mama Shadow & Blush Review)

TheBalm Hot Mama Shadow and Blush review

Until I stumbled across this, I never would have thought that anything could replace NARS Orgasm in my affections. That blush is the peon of pink blushes, the effortlessly reigning queen who’s so beautiful and charming you don’t even question her ascendancy.

But theBalm Hot Mama Shadow & Blush All-in-One is close to being a dupe, and just different enough to be interesting, and all around amazing. First of all, it glides on incredibly smoothly – a lot of blushes are either too thick, so you feel like you’re applying a mask to your face, or too powdery and fall everywhere. This glides on like honey and has good staying power, giving a flush that lasts all day.

Created to function alternately as a blush, shadow, or highlighter, it’s essentially the higher-wattage version of NARS Orgasm – slightly more sparkly and brighter, but the same wonderfully natural, versatile shade. From the website –

“We’ve never been satisfied with basic blushes. Too often, they look amazing in the compact but leave behind flat streaks of color. Not so with this peachy pink powder, which has a subtle infusion of golden shimmer to give off a 3-D effect. It also works as a shadow and highlighter, letting you achieve pinup-worthy results with just one product.”

It has a little more honey tones and a little more sparkle to help it function beyond a blush if you want; for that reason, I sometimes use it at night rather than the Orgasm, but most of the time, I use it interchangeably with Orgasm. It also won’t break your wallet – a small 7-gram compact costs $20.00, but lasts forever – mine lasts six months wearing every day.  This is a Holy Grail product, my loves. Go forth. Buy it.

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