Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask Review

Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask ReviewMizon is a highly popular affordable skincare brand in Korea, and the company’s products have recently been picked up by a number of Western retailers including Urban Outfitters, Peach and Lily, and UK-based Cult Beauty. I have and quite like their Multi Function Snail Repair Eye Cream as well (review on that probably to follow). Recently, I picked up the Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask.

Description/Claims: Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask is a moisturizing sleeping mask that works overnight to brighten the look of skin, leaving it looking more radiant, translucent and hydrated. Contains niacinamide for glowing skin, hyaluronic acid and glycerin for deep moisture, and botanical extracts to protect the skin from environmental stressors and irritation. Great for all skin types.

Packaging: I have the tube version of Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask, which while less decorative than the glowing jar version, is infinitely more hygienic (I really don’t like jar moisturizers  because the combination of air exposure and constantly dipping your fingers in and out can quickly break down ingredients and let in bacteria).

Review: The first thing I fell in love with about this mask was the texture; super heavy creams really bother me, and this is the opposite of that, a beautifully light gel moisturizer that comes out of the tube clear and, when applied to the skin, sinks in very quickly without feeling overly sticky. I was initially thrown by the term “mask” – I’m used to most masks being quite heavy – but as I explore more skincare, I’m starting to realize that overnight masks are generally much lighter than wash-off masks, while also being quite moisturizing  – I’ve talked before about my infinite love of the Korres Wild Rose Brightening Sleeping Facial.

Regardless, the Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask has a fair amount of moisture for its light texture; my skin has been in freakout mode recently due to a combination of diet and weather changes, so I wanted a moisturizer that would hydrate but not irritate troubled skin. This is very soothing, but also hydrating. It also has a very light, pleasant “fresh” scent, like a combination of fresh air and water.  I didn’t notice any particular extra glow after using this, but frankly it’s pretty difficult for a skincare item to legitimately brighten your face, so I wasn’t particularly looking for that.

Skin Type Recommendations:

If you have dry skin, I don’t recommend using the White Sleeping Mask as your sole moisturizer; the hydration is too light for that. What I do is apply essence (the Missha Time Revolution Essence) and eye cream, let it sink in, apply this, and then rub just a little of the Korres Wild Rose on top, on my cheeks and any other particularly dry areas (Mizon layers wonderfully with other creams). You might ask, why don’t you just use the Korres, to which I say, sometimes the Korres is too heavy for stressed skin, and this has been an excellent replacement. I also highly recommend this for sunburned skin; because of the soothing gel texture, and how quickly it sinks in, I’d definitely reach for this first if sunburned or for itchy skin.

If you have oily or combination skin, this would be a wonderful light moisturizer because it’s hydrating without clogging pores, and sinks in without resting on the surface of your skin and gathering bacteria. I might recommend a few nights a week supplementing with a heavier moisturizer, but it would really depend on your skin’s reaction and needs.

Overall, I quite like this, and will definitely buy again; I’ve used up half the tube so far. It’s not a holy grail, but is a very solid product with a great formulation, especially at this price point.

You can get the 50mL tube version on Amazon U.S. for $13.50, or, bizarrely, the the full 80mL jar for $10.50 (I have read the jar version is a very slightly different formulation which may be why it’s cheaper. I will still get the tube when I repurchase, because I know the formula works and it’s more hygienic).

Or, $24 at Urban Outfitters and Peach and Lily.

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