Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask Review

Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask review

Paula’s Choice is a website founded by internationally-recognized skincare expert Paula Begoun, and has both an extensive encyclopedia of ratings of skincare products on the market today, as well as their own line of skincare. I find the website useful, and I often check it before buying something, but I don’t find it the end-all-be-all – while they have a general accuracy in that they highly rate some of the brands that consumers tend to find very high-quality and effective, and which I’ve found amazing, I’ve also tried highly-rated products on PC that did absolutely nothing for me (looking at you, Olay Regenerist Eye Serum). So that’s that. The Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask was the first of their products I’ve tried.


This rich, moisturizing face mask combines plant oils and antioxidants in a creamy, emollient-packed formula to calm redness, repair dryness and instantly restore radiance. It’s supposed to be particularly good for eczema, extra sensitive skin, and redness, and is targeted at dry skin.


The tube packaging gets an A+ plus from me, as more hygienic than jar. The design is nothing extraordinary; a fairly straightforward purple with white/black text. The scent is lovely, with a rich, slightly old-fashioned scent that reminded me of my grandmother’s face cream. Perhaps faintly floral? The sent is nice enough that the third time I tried this mask was mostly for the scent. I adore the texture of this – it comes out of the tube white and very very creamy, and is easily applied all over the face, where it begins to harden almost immediatley. The mask quickly becomes nearly transparent upon contact with the skin, so it can be hard to judge just how much you’ve already applied, but as mentioned it begins to harden quickly so you can tell by the tightness of your skin where it is.

Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask Review:

I have two problems with this mask. First, let me say that it does a good job of drawing out impurities/unclogging pores, and does brighten the skin.  But get this, beautifuls – it’s not good at hydrating. Which, as you can imagine with a mask targeted to dry skin with “Hydrating” in the title, I found quite disappointing. The “Skin Recovery” part of the mask is really what I think this mask is all about – it’s helpful for skin clearing, and skin soothing when the skin is breaking out and in trouble. As a regular/weekly mask, it’s near-useless. Every time I used this, after washing off all I wanted to do was add a moisturizer onto my face, because my skin just felt tight and uncomfortable (a little parched). And while it seems perfectly fine when it comes to pore-shrinking and breakout calming – it does soothe redness – it’s certainly not standout, and at $21 I just can’t recommend. A near total failure as a hydrating mask, and just above standard when it comes to breakout-clearing.

My second major problem with the mask (I know, there’s more!) is that it flakes quite badly after application. I applied this all over my face and neck the three times I tried it, and every time, if I touched my skin, I would find that part of the mask hadn’t sunk into the skin, and had instead dissolved into little grey pieces of gunk. They’re very small – barely visible to the naked eye – but that’s obviously both gross, and disappointing because it means part of the product hasn’t sunk into or applied to the skin at all. The Paula’s Choice website does have reviews from several hundred customers who appeared to love this, so I’d be curious if anyone has tried this and had success, but it’s certainly not for me.

Skin Type Recommendations:

Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask is a poor product for dry skin.

Normal skin may find it a reasonably effective mask for breakouts/skin issues, though there are cheaper options that perform the same functions.

Oily skin should avoid, since the mask was specifically made for dry skin, so likely contains a level of emollients that isn’t great for an oily skin type.


~Love Claire

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