Taiwanese Drama Mars Review

chen-ling-han-qi-luo-mars-dramaHan Qi Luo(Barbie Hsu), an introverted art student, and Chen Ling(Vic Zhou), a popular playboy, attend the same college. One day, meeting by chance, Ling asks her for directions to the nearby hospital. Qi Luo draws him a map on the back of one of her sketches and gives it to him, then runs off. Finding the sketch later, Ling is unexpectedly drawn to it…and so begins one of drama’s great love stories.

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5 Taiwanese Drama Couples with Scorching Chemistry

viczhou barbie xu

1. Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu. An oldie, but I had to include it. This is one of those onscreen relationships that generated enough sparks it quickly became offscreen, to no-one’s surprise. Vic and Barbie had co-starred together of course in Meteor Garden, in which Vic played the second lead who pines after Barbie, and whom she’s attracted to, but doesn’t ultimately choose. They had strong obviosu chemistry in that drama, despite relatively few one-on-one scenes, and everyone was happy when afterward they were paired as the leads of an adaptation of a famous manga, Mars, about a shy, gifted artist with a tormented past, and a bad boy with demons.

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Good Beauty Reads: NYX/Maybelline Giveaway, Green Lipstick, and Vitamin C Serum

Goodreads Beauty Posts this Week

Roundup of beauty and skincare posts I’ve loved this week!

~Beautylymin has an empties review featuring Kerastase, Elemeis, Too Faced, Kiehls, Lauren’s Way, Mac and more. An abundance of riches.


~The Glossarie has her three favorite lipsticks in celebration of National Lipstick Day…one of them is the green lipstick queen’s frog prince. here

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Goodreads: Beauty Posts I’m loving this week

Goodreads Beauty Posts this Week

The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy – Yves St. Laurent

I swear I didn’t intentionally round up all the L beauty bloggers, y’all, it just happened. Here’s a weekly roundup of beauty posts I’m loving this week.

~ Oly at TLVBirdie has a glorious and simple four-ingredient coffee scrub that I am going to make this weekend because it’s everything I’ve been looking for. Homemade coffee scrub

~ Laura at Lelore blogged about some favorite gold-shaded or gold-containing beauty products. I’m obsessed with Drybar’s Gold Conditioner. Because Gold 

~ Lauren at Cup of Jo is having a green beauty giveaway through July 31st, featuring one of my favorite brands, C.W. Basics. Go. Green Beauty Giveaway

~ Laura at Bright and Beautiful has five beauty products she’s loving, including my favorite Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick and a gorgeous Bite Beauty coral lip pencil. 5 Beauty Products

~ Lara at The Glossarie’s review of this Rose Clay Konjac Sponge has me swooning. One Love Organics Konjac Sponge

-Love Amber

Soap & Glory Glow All Out Luminizing Face Powder Review

Like many other beauty bloggers, I have an ongoing love affair with Soap & Glory products – they’re so beautifully packaged, fairly affordable, and such high quality! I don’t know a girl whose heart doesn’t light up with covetous “must have” feelings just looking at their bright pink packaging and vintage lettering and labeling. It’s almost too good to be true that products that are so cleverly presented, that look good enough to EAT, are also worth keeping around for actual use.

But so it is. And so far, this is my favorite Soap & Glory product tried so far. Highlighters are a tricky business because so much depends on personal taste – I, for example, don’t like the famous Benefit Watts Up, so revered in the beauty sphere, because I tend toward natural-looking, day makeup, and discovered I had no tolerance for obvious sheen on my face. I wanted something that would give a gorgeous natural glow without imparting any kind of sparkle.

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