Today in Beauty: Kendall Jenner for Estée Lauder and Hugo Boss Deep Red

Kendall Jenner Limited Edition “Restless” for Estée Lauder, in their Pure Color Envy Matte range. This is, alas, no longer available, though some of their current shades are similar, (try “Volatile”), but it is gorgeous. A bright, poppy orange-red that looks frighteningly vivid when you first apply it but dries down to just a prism of gorgeous color. I LOVE this shade and will be sad when I’ve used it all up (however it is fairly drying so not the perfect lipstick).

Hugo Boss Deep Red – I’ve been using Scentbird (not a sponsored link) for a couple months to try out new perfumes, and this was May’s scent. I like a good deal, though still too sweet for my taste (I swear my skin turns all perfumes sweet no matter their undertones). A “spicy” scent that’s a blend of flowers, californian cedarwood, mysore wood and vanilla.

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