Dear by Enprani Moistfull Booskin Review (with hyaluronic acid and green collagen)

Dear by Enprani Moistfull Booskin review

Dear by Enprani Moistfull Booskin Review

So, while I have sold my soul to the Missha Time Revolution First Treatment Essence, which is literally THE product that both sold me on Asian skincare and has made more difference in my skin than any other single product, I’m also relentlessly fickle, and when I saw the rave reviews of this hydrating toner, particularly from Gothamista, one of my favorite Youtubers, I had to try it (plus, look at that luxurious packaging, *swoon*).


This toner has a rich blend of hyaluronic acid and premium green collagen which effectively delivers moisture deep into the layers of skin. It provides twice the amount of intensive hydration to the skin to revel a more supple, firm texture. It is also specially formulated to supply long-lasting moisture and nourishment to keep the skin healthy and radiant.

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Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask Review

Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask ReviewMizon is a highly popular affordable skincare brand in Korea, and the company’s products have recently been picked up by a number of Western retailers including Urban Outfitters, Peach and Lily, and UK-based Cult Beauty. I have and quite like their Multi Function Snail Repair Eye Cream as well (review on that probably to follow). Recently, I picked up the Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask.

Description/Claims: Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask is a moisturizing sleeping mask that works overnight to brighten the look of skin, leaving it looking more radiant, translucent and hydrated. Contains niacinamide for glowing skin, hyaluronic acid and glycerin for deep moisture, and botanical extracts to protect the skin from environmental stressors and irritation. Great for all skin types.

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Summer Skincare Crave List: Lumene Vitamin C Skin Cocktail, Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack

Summer Skincare Lumene Vitamin C Cocktail Lioele Water Drop Sleeping Pack

Last week I posted my Summer Makeup crave list, and now it’s skincare’s turn! Y’all know I’m obsessed with skincare, and while I’m very happy with my current skincare routine, relying largely on rosehip oil, I’ve always got my eye on some new, bright and shiny skincare products. Here’s what I’m craving for summer skincare.

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