Korean Drama Sassy Go Go (Cheer Up!) Review


You guys…Sassy Go Go. Drop everything and watch it. It is a wonder. The level of adorable, and fun, and characters you can root for, is off the charts. This is unexpectedly one of my favorite dramas of the past two years, and unlike quite a few other recent ones, including Moorim School and Madame Antoine, doesn’t drop off partway through, but stays strong and beautifully written the whole time. This drama is only 12 episodes, and believe me, it’s one of literally a handful of times in my entire life where I actively wished a drama was longer – usually at around this point in the drama I’m starting to get tired and a little antsy. Here’s my full Sassy Go Go review.

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Korean Drama I Remember You Review (Hello Monster)

I remember You kdrama

Once a week I post something non-beauty I’m enjoying. Today it’s a review of Korean drama I Remember You (which you can watch online on Viki).

Really good shows generally hit the ground running; from the first crisp or engaging shot you get a sense that you are in safe hands, and about to have a very entertaining ride. I Remember You falls into this category – opening with a sly, Sherlock-esque shot that calls out to Conan Doyle’s famous detective, it embarks on the story of an emotionally-detached, genius profiler and the plucky, straightforward female detective he winds up paired with.

Lee Hyun (Seo In Gook) has lived in America for some years, working as a criminal law professor and as a consultant for the FBI. When he receives a mysterious email with details about his long-buried past, it’s enough to pull him back to Korea to investigate a series of murders the police have begun investigating. He quickly crosses paths with determined, kind-hearted Cha Ji Ahn, a fairly low-ranking police detective, who is part of the team working the case. Unbenownst to him, Ji Ahn knows all about him and his past, as their paths crossed years ago. Lee Hyun inserts himself into the investigation, attempting to track down the subtle, evil mind behind a tangled series of crimes…

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