Rose Skincare Routine: Su:m37 Miracle Rose, Korres Wild Rose, and more

Rose Skincare Routine

I’m obsessed with rose skincare, since I love the scent and texture of many rose-based products. I’ve been on the hunt for a complete rose-based skincare routine, and while I haven’t switched to the below routine entirely, I’m in love with the idea of every single product containing rose essence or rosehip oil. Check out the below routine I put together!

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Goodreads: Beauty Posts I’m loving this week

Goodreads Beauty Posts this Week

The most beautiful makeup for a woman is passion, but cosmetics are easier to buy – Yves St. Laurent

I swear I didn’t intentionally round up all the L beauty bloggers, y’all, it just happened. Here’s a weekly roundup of beauty posts I’m loving this week.

~ Oly at TLVBirdie has a glorious and simple four-ingredient coffee scrub that I am going to make this weekend because it’s everything I’ve been looking for. Homemade coffee scrub

~ Laura at Lelore blogged about some favorite gold-shaded or gold-containing beauty products. I’m obsessed with Drybar’s Gold Conditioner. Because Gold 

~ Lauren at Cup of Jo is having a green beauty giveaway through July 31st, featuring one of my favorite brands, C.W. Basics. Go. Green Beauty Giveaway

~ Laura at Bright and Beautiful has five beauty products she’s loving, including my favorite Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick and a gorgeous Bite Beauty coral lip pencil. 5 Beauty Products

~ Lara at The Glossarie’s review of this Rose Clay Konjac Sponge has me swooning. One Love Organics Konjac Sponge

-Love Amber

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