Best Gentle Facial Cleansers for Dry, Sensitive, or Oily Skin

Best Gentle Facial Cleansers via Style Me MaybeI’ve got a specific philosophy for the cleansing part of my skincare routine, and that is: it’s less important what is in a facial cleanser, than what isn’t – namely, drying or stripping ingredients. Cleansers stay on your skin such a short time that for them to claim to do anything else – brighten, moisturize, firm – is simply highly unlikely. Beauty companies market cleansers as multi-purpose because they know it’s what consumers look for – and many of the products do genuinely contain the advertised ingredients which can brighten, firm, etc.  But in order for said ingredients to have any effect on your skin, they have to stay on the skin much longer than the average 30 seconds it takes the average user between applying and washing off.

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